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690 grams Fiberbow EVO riser in carbon fiber with tubular section for recurve bow. The tubular structure  allows to manage the total weight in relation to its stiffness.

Designed for double fixing rest. On the lower part it is equipped with four threaded holes (two per side), for weights and v-bar.

Fibrebow EVO Riser

SKU: 366615376135191
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  • The Fiberbow EVO riser is made of carbon riser with a tubular structure that can be used for multiple disciplines, from the neophyte who wants to undertake a performing path, to the professionist who seeks the extra point from his previous session.

    This extremely lightweight riser version allows everyone to perform a high number of shooting repetitions, reducing the fatigue associated with lifting the equipment and positioning it for aiming. By increasing the number of repetitions of the technical gesture (shot) in training, it is possible to develop and improve greater sensitivity and precision even for the most experienced athlete.

    The stability of the "bow system" can be developed by adding weights to stabilizing ends (see S3). In fact, by increasing the external inertial mass with the same total weight, greater stability on the PIVOT point will be obtained. The internal wedges in the limb seat allow for correction of any misalignment related to the limbs themselves.


    Therefore, the adjustment of the wedge allows for optimal alignment of the limbs and the FiberBow EVO riser body. The presence of lower lateral threaded holes also allows for the adjustment of the center of gravity, which can be adjusted according to one's shooting style and grip pressure.


    The lateral stabilizers can be attached to the riser with dedicated supports that allow for adjustment in two different inclinations and heights. On the front, only in the lower part, there is a 5/16'' threaded hole that, if necessary, allows for the addition of another weight, binding it to the FiberBow EVO riser body.

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